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Romantic Gifts For Your Wife

Welcome to Hokeo, the best place to find romantic gift ideas for your wife, the most important woman in your life, who you of course want to impress.

Find something unusual from our range, which includes jewellery, clothing and many other fantastic and unusual gift ideas for her; she will love it! All of our suppliers are established companies with a fabulous range of gifts at excellent prices.

Select something from the great selection below or use our GIFT FINDER if you are struggling for ideas:

Choker Set

8199 Sold


Lace Choker

1806 Sold

$6.99 $4.99

Victoria Fancy Lace Panties

2649 Sold


Ultra-thin Seamless Panties

45466 Sold


Turtleneck Dress

3989 Sold


Sexy Thongs

19001 Sold


Sexy Lace Panties

14935 Sold


V-Neck Sleeveless Dress

7980 Sold


V-neck Sexy Mini Dress

11968 Sold


Sexy Panties With Small Bow

3005 Sold


Sexy Lace Panties

69840 Sold


Pencil Line Stockings

1969 Sold


Sexy Lace Panties

62757 Sold


Sexy Panties Low Waist

29876 Sold


Sexy Velvet Dress

15981 Sold


Sexy Lace Thong/G-string

34618 Sold

$8.99 $7.99

Sexy Lace Teddy/Chemise

4340 Sold