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About Us

About Hokeo Gifts

'Hokeo' in the Hawaiian language means "To secretly love" 

We are confirmed and experienced online shoppers ourselves, but when faced with trying to find an ideal gift to buy for the special person in our life, we found the process very difficult. We also realised from our days as businessmen working in the 'Gift' industry, that people often found it difficult to find a suitable gift for their partner. 

So, with our previous experiences and skills in mind, we decided to create our own website to make the job of finding a gift as easy as possible.

We have trawled the internet to find a wide range of gift ideas to take the stress out of your search and make the process infinitely easier for you. All of the suppliers are well-known brands with quality items. You won't pay any more by buying through us, in fact you will very often make big savings.

We genuinely care about life, love and happiness for all. 

Thank you for visiting this site; enjoy your shopping and please do not hesitate to contact us if you think we can help.

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